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My Journey

I'm Kris, IFBB ELITE PRO athlete, and a fitness trainer for 12 years. For many years, I have been dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and enjoy regular exercise. My goal is to teach others how to lead a healthy, fit, and happy life all at once!


Change your life with me, loose your weight, be fitter, be healthier and happier without any dramatic changes!

Coaching experiences

  • FITNESS ARENA, Kaposvar, HU, 2012.02. - 2013.06.

  • LTP GYM, Kaposvar, HU, 2013.07. - 2015.11.

  • CUTLER GYM, Kaposvar, HU, 2015.12. - 2020.06.

  • R70 FITNESS, Budapest, HU, 2020.07. - 2021.02.

  • CHILI FITNESS 5, Budapest, HU, 2021.03. - 2023.01.

  • LaboCorp FZCO, Dubai, 2023.04.-

  • ONLINE COACHING, International, 2018-

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you? Join My Team today and start your journey to a better life. With personalized training plans and online coaching services, I'll be with you every step of the way.

With my help, I believe that living a healthier, fitter, and happier life doesn't require dramatic changes. Instead, I focus on helping my clients make small, sustainable changes that add up to big results. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, I'll work with you to create a personalized training plan that fits your goals and lifestyle.

My Services



✔ Personalized training programs

✔ For both Women and Men

✔ From beginner to advanced level

✔ Trainings suitable for individual goals 

✔ Teach You how to do the excercizes correctly

✔ Meal plans suitable for individual goals

✔ Supplement recommendation

✔ Establish the Body & mind & soul connection

✔ Consultations (Whatsapp)​​



✔ Min. 8 weeks

✔ Suitable for Your individual goals

✔ Diet/Muscle building/Clean eating

✔ For both Women and Men

✔ From beginner to advanced level

✔ Teaching the basics of nutrition

✔ How should you do your eating system?

✔ How to do a system in sports and eating?

✔ Training programs

✔ Personalized meal plans

✔ Cardio system

✔ Supplement recommendation

✔ Continuously controlled program

✔ Consultations (Whatsapp)​



✔ Workout plan that suits for Your individual goals

✔ From beginner to advanced level

Why Choose My Services?

Build Confidence

Working out with my services will help you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. As you see improvements in your strength and fitness, you'll feel more empowered to tackle other areas of your life.

Boost Your Mood

Exercise has been shown to boost mood and reduce stress levels. With my help, you'll not only get a great workout, but also a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life.

Increase Energy Levels

Regular exercise can also increase your energy levels, leaving you feeling more alert and focused throughout the day. Let me help you feel your best, both in and out of the gym.

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